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You must specify a which features you need audio track. It is advisable that you indicated:
- The duration of the movie;
- Desired audio quality (codec and bit rate);
- Desired quality sound.
1. On the website added only audio track format AC3 (bit rate up to 384 kb/s) or MP3. It is related to the fact that the audio tracks in different formats (DTS , DTS-HD MA etc) occupy much more space and less people use them.
2. On the website is not added to the audio track series.
3. On the website is not added to the audio tracks translated goblin.

If you do not specify the administration is looking for the track in the best quality up to 384 kb/s including in format AC3, but such track are not suitable for all movies.
After successfully creating order you will need to confirm through e-mail, so specify a real e-mail. Do not confirmed orders will be deleted automatically. If you did not come to e-mail during the day - contact with the administrator.
Need quality voice (dubbed or multi voices). If not, then may be one voice, but quality! A movie with a duration of 01:45:28. It is desirable: AC3, 384 kb/s, 6 ch. Thanks.
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