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EnglishTrain to Busan / Busanhaeng (2016) ENG

On this page you can download the audio track for the movie Train to Busan english lang. English dubbing audio track will allow you to fully enjoy movies Busanhaeng 2016 year. Download audio track Train to Busan for movie for free and see the detailed characteristics of track can be below.


Year: 2016
Duration: 01:56:51
Voice: Dubbing
Lang: English
DVD Disk

Audio file

Codec: AC3 Dolby Digital
Bit rate: 224 kbps
Rate frequency: 48 kHz
Channels: 6 channels (L, C, R, Ls, Rs + LFE)
Frame rate: NTSC (23.976 fps)
Size: 188 MB

At the time of publication all links to file sharing were in working condition, but unfortunately, the files are not stored there forever. If you need this audio track, but on the file sharing it no longer exists, then do not worry. Tell us about it, confirm your e-mail and we will restore link + will notify you by e-mail.

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    13 January 2017, 20:39:02
    Please provide English audio link for train to Busan
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    Uber Bristein

    19 January 2017, 21:07:26
    Hoping this replaces Korean voices with English
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    28 January 2017, 17:53:27
    thanks for the audio
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    Nithin kumar

    30 January 2017, 06:51:56
    I need an audio track for train to busan in english Could you get me one please
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    3 February 2017, 18:31:03
    I would like the English audio link for train to busan please
  • avatar


    11 February 2017, 10:09:56
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    6 April 2017, 10:57:53
    i do not know why it shows a runtime of 1:56:51 when it is 1:58:08. i d/led this and it does not sync up at all.
  • avatar


    16 April 2017, 22:59:25
    Theres on on demonoid with multi audio, including english alegedly.

    Im now dling it.
  • avatar


    28 May 2017, 21:47:56
    English Audio??
  • avatar


    6 July 2017, 13:52:22
  • avatar

    bozo the clown

    24 July 2017, 13:26:30
    All the rips I found are 1:57:57 or 1:58:08, yet this one is 1:56:51. I was able to synch part of it at the beginning with the 1:57:57 rip but it still off later. I guess this version has a cut scene. Could someone please report what rip this matches?
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    29 July 2017, 10:37:33
    Plz provide link for train to busan english audiotrack
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    15 September 2017, 07:36:59
    I found one with a proper eng dub:

    Train to Busan (2016)[worldfree4u.ch] 720p HDRip x264 Eng Subs [Dual Audio] [Hindi DD 5.1 - English DD 5.1].mkv

    It's an HDTV rip 1:58:01 long, also with eng sub. The 1st audio track is Hindi and the 2nd one is English. I removed the Hindi track with MKVToolNix.
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    15 September 2017, 07:50:18
    Now if we could find the proper multi-lang Blu-ray rip from a scene source.
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    27 September 2017, 04:02:24
    @sup where you find that video? what link?
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    10 October 2017, 08:45:34
    please i need train to busan english audio track please
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    16 December 2017, 12:48:27
    I want to get english audio of train to busan
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    28 January 2018, 19:02:06
    I want english audio of train to busan i don't know korean language so can u pls provide me the english audio
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    1 September 2018, 15:25:05
    How to download this
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    20 September 2018, 21:09:03
    How to download this
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    16 January 2019, 22:03:33
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